The Universal Human

In 1909, 1910 and 1916, Rudolf Steiner held four lectures, later published by the Anthroposophic Press in US as "The Universal Human".

The lectures were
- "Individuality and the Group-Soul," held in Munich, Dec. 4, 1909 and
- "The God Within and the God of Outer Revelation" held in Munich, Dec. 7, 1909 (two of a series of lectures on The Deeper Secrets of the Development of Humanity in the Light of the Gospels),
- "The Lord of the Soul," held in Munich, Dec. 12, 1910 (one lecture in a series on Excursions into the Gospel of Marc) and
- "The Universal Human: the Unification of Humanity through the Christ Impulse," held in Bern, Jan. 9, 1916 as part of a lecture series with the same name.