Ilse Hess 14.6.1984
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Reinhard G.

Dear Mr G.

In 1928 the 'House Hess' consisted of one furnished room in Munich - there with certainty (implied: was no room for) anthroposophists to meet and discuss with us or get to know us!!!

[Comment by SN: This seems to be a comment on an allegation that Hess and his wife should have met with anthroposophists in 1928 in their 'house' as part of a process of Hess becoming 'anthroposophist'.]

My husband wasn't the least bit interested in anthroposophy, I myself exclusively with regard to the bio-dynamic method, since I was and am a passionate gardener. But that was not until 1934, as we moved to a suburb of Munich and had a garden. Also my gardener there was educated in the biodynamic method, I got him through Professor Seiffert, who took an interest in biodynamic farming, without, as neither my husband nor I were, being an anthroposophist.

My husband only, as he was open to experiments, kept this his 'protecting hand' over the Waldorf schools and biodynamic farming. After 1941 that of course came to an end, as Bormann practised completely the opposite.

But I know that the opinion that we should be anthroposophists is persistent - it even became a joke of the day(?) [üblichen Treppenwitz der Geschichte] that the poor biodynamic farmers/gardeners after 1945 at first were upset, because 'the garden of the deputy of Hitler' was cultivated in a biodynamic way.

My husband at the time jokingly suggested to them to call it 'natural gardening' to get through with it.

One can support these thoughts without taking an interest in anthroposophy - today it is almost - to use a stupid modern word - 'in', to think that way!! As much as my 85 years allow me, I still work that way in the garden, noone can complain about my way of making composts. My old gardeners, those that haven't passed away, still keep their contact with me.

But, as I've said, neither I nor my husband were anthroposophists, I personally loath almost all of these movements, that try to make it appear as if they were the only ones to know something.

This as a friendly orientation for you!

With friendly greetings!

Ilse Hess

(Source: Beiträge zur Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus, Dokumente und Briefe zur Geschichte der anthroposophischen Bewegung und Gesellschaft in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus, 5. Band, Rendsburg 1993, S. 97. Hrsg. Arfst Wagner. German original text)