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Subject: Re: Steiner's anti-racism
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 02:12:47 +0200
From: Sune Nordwall <>

Steve Premo:

On 22 May 2001, at 14:03, Alan S. Fine MD wrote [quoting Steve Premo]:

It is apparent in reviewing Steiner's race oriented quotes that he believed two things. One is that there are innate differences imbued by race, including the view that non white races represent less mature levels of spiritual development than caucasians.

The way the lecture series 'Mission of Folk Souls' ( has been used as 'evidence' of that view is untrue. It is based on a projection of a hierarchical thinking on races, as it comes to expression in at least one common college book in US (Hunter, George William, 1914. A Civic Biology, American Book Co. New York.) for a large part of the 20th century (see onto the description in 'Mission ...'. 

The projection demonstrates a complete lack of understanding for the stages of evolution as viewed from a spiritual perspective, as it comes to expression in the in- and out-breathing of cosmos and even is reflected in the way cells in especially multicellular animal and human organisms swing between participating in and serving the life of the organism of which they are part (interphase), and withdrawing and 'separating' out of the organism to divide into two cells (mitosis), that then again are integrated into the host organism, serving it. I've written a small paper on it at my site (

The culmination of mitosis takes place with the fully formed metaphase plate, after which the process leading up to the formation of it in principle is reversed. The basic culmination takes place with the 'fourth' phase in such processes as interphase to the extent that it reflects the breathing of cosmos, for each dividing cell being the organism of which it normally is part.

The same holds for the stages of evolution for our present solar system, viewed from a spiritual perspective, as represented by the stages from Polaria, Hyperborea, Lemuria and as fourth stage what is called 'Atlantis'.

With respect to the seven Earth stages described by the esoteric tradition, it is 'Atlantis' that constitutes the _middle_; zenith phase, after which the following three stages constitute a reflection of the first three in reversed order, _not_ what in the theosophical tradition was and is called the 'Aryan root race', referring to what has developed after the last glacial ages, including our own cultural epoch.

Viewed from a projected 'hierarchical' perspective, to the extent that should be relevant in viewing the cultural epochs, developing after the last glacial ages, it is not our _present_ Central/West European cultural epoch that constitutes the 'zenith' of evolution, as Peter Staudenmaier untruthfully argues for being the case, but the _fourth_ cultural epoch, being the Greek-Roman cultural epoch.

As to the 'maturity' of the 'races' in the _physical_ sense, in their reflection of the phases of the life of man, it is not the 'white' race, but the 'red' American-Indians that constitute the most wisdom-mature people, in _bodily_ character to some extent reflecting the old age of man.

No 'race' is more or less 'mature' _spiritually_ or more on the 'top' in any 'hierarchical' sense as such according to the lecture series, as 'racial' characteristics primarily are _bodily_ characteristics, _not spiritual_ characteristics, as Steiner explicitely begs his audience to understand and not misunderstand in approaching what he describes as 'dangerous' subjects, in no sense being unconscious or naive about the danger of at all discussing the subject he does in the lecture series.

_If_ any 'top' race in a 'hierarchical' sense should be possible to deduce from the description of the races on 'Mission of folk Souls', as they were formed long before the last glacial ages came to an end, it would be a 'Sun' race. Who would then that be, _if_ it existed? The Chinese! again showing to what extent Peter Staudenmaier misunderstands the subject he's arguing about. But Steiner does not describe neither a 'Sun' nor a 'Moon' 'race' in the lecture series.

Staudenmaiers's thoughts, views and arguments on this point are as confused and muddled, and his description of the lecture series in his article as untrue as the words with which he expresses them are eloquently formulated.

Sune Nordwall
Stockholm, Sweden
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