Subject: Moderator welcomes known liar back to the WC-show
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 10:36:04 +0200
From: Sune Nordwall <>

Dan Dugan wrote:

Welcome back, Peter! We've missed you. Happy that you had a productive summer.
For the lies by PS:

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Stockholm, Sweden
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Arguing that the pointing to the untruthfulness among other found as a "Protocol of Steiner" forgery by Staudenmaier was an impermissible attack on Staudenmaier, the moderator of the mailing list (the Secretary of PLANS and Webmaster of its site) unsubscribed the poster from the list the same day. 

(Another participant, later posting a comment, not calling Staudenmaier a lier [within the context of the argumentation by PLANS], but only pointing to the forgery as an untruth, also was warned by the Secretary of PLANS that it was an impermissible statement to make on the list and that he as moderator considered it to be an "Ad Hominem" argument.)