From at least April 1999, PLANS has cultivated a version of its own constructed "Protocol of Steiner" myth alleging that the hidden long term agenda of Waldorf education should be to educate a number of people to become the future rulers of the world, telling everybody else what to think, feel and to. 

Since then, the myth, based on a twisted interpretation of a lecture by Steiner repeatedly is being cultivated on the mailing list moderated by the Secretary of PLANS in postings continously put at the PLANS' website as Archives.

The myth, similar in content to the Protol of Zion forgery used to instigate hatred against Jews during the 20th century, can be found in a Press release from the right wing law firm (Pacific Justice Institute), supporting and representing PLANS litigation in 1998 against two public school districts in California for using Waldorf methodology at two charter schools in their districts.

In two steps, a federal Judge in California in 1999 and 2001 has ruled against the litigation.

The Press Release could be found at the site of the firm in question in April 1999 ( After that, it however has been removed.

The Press Release said:

"Parents Sue Sacramento City U.S.D. For Civil Rights Violation

Sacramento, CA- People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools, Inc. (PLANS), filed a lawsuit today against the Sacramento City Unified School District and the Twin Ridges Elementary School District in United States District Court. The suit alleges civil rights violations on behalf of concerned parents and taxpayers connected with the operation of Waldorf schools. The lawsuit is being sponsored by Pacific Justice Institute (PJI). Lead counsel for the Plaintiffs is PJI affiliated attorney Scott Kendall, of the law firm of McKinley & Smith.

Waldorf schools were founded in 1919 by Austrian born New-Age guru Rudolf Steiner. After Steinerís attempt to found a spiritually-oriented party failed, he turned to education as a way to carry out his work by preparing souls for reincarnation as leaders in the next epic of history.

Both The Sacramento City Unified School District and Twin Ridges Elementary School District chose to continue to utilize this Anthroposophy-based curriculum after many complaints were made by parents in the community. Parents have yet to receive any notice by the School Districts as to the religious nature or basis of the Waldorf curriculum.

"Parents send their children to public schools with the understanding that the religious training of their children will not be circumvented," said Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute. "We are confident that the religious practices and purpose of the Districtsí usage of Waldorf will validate this clear

Pacific Justice Institute is an organization dedicated to the defense of religious freedom, parentsí rights and other basic constitutional civil liberties."