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Short personal intro. During the last years I among other things have been working to build one site on Waldorf education in cooperation with an American Waldorf teacher (WaldorfAnswers), and another site, also, in addition, in cooperation with three American Waldorf parents (Americans4Waldorf).

During the last 45 years I have spent not little time in periods trying to understand and investigate anthroposophy and especially the relation of anthroposophy to natural science. It has led to some articles on the subject especially dealing with the concept of science and the potentiation problem in homeopathy with an introduction.

Though the two articles now are quite old (written 1980-82), some people seem to find them to be of interest (Oct 2010, the article on the concept of science had had some 220,000 page views. 53,000 were from the Philippines for some reason. The article on the potentiation problem is mentioned at some 12.700 pages on the net according to Google, (the number varies during different weeks).  It seems to indicate they have some value, and I will therefore continue to publish them.

While homeopathy continues to be used extensively by physicians throughout the world, the problem of how to understand how it works (beyond the placebo effect that every treatment, homeopathic and non-homeopatic, has) still has not been answered. This has led to an increasing pressure by non-homeopathic physicians in countries where it has a strong position, to stop public economical support for it. This has been done for some homeopathic hospitals in the U.K. and the Lancet on Nov 17, 2007 published a special report on the issue, that did not give the opportunity to homeopathic physicians to present the other side of the argument.

Already two days later, the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH) and the International Homeopathic Medical League (LMHI), jointly representing all homeopathic doctors in 58 countries all over the world, published a Press Release, that extensively and in a well documented way addressed the attack.

In spite of continued intense campaigning by skeptics for years, the U.K. government in July 2010 decided that homeopathy will continue to be available on the NHS and that the local NHS and clinicians, rather than Whitehall, are best placed to make decisions on what treatment is appropriate for their patients.

At one time, Rudolf Steiner (founder of Waldorf education) made the provocative suggestion that cell biology at Waldorf schools be taught from what he called a "cosmological" perspective. For one possible perspective on this, see here.

SOME LINKS to other places at www that treat or relate to natural scientific questions from an anthroposophical perspective can be found at a special link page.

WALDORF EDUCATION is a growing school movement. At present (Nov 2012), there probably exist on the order of 1,025 Waldorf schools and 2,000 Waldorf kindergartens worldwide. For a page on the Waldorf movement, especially related to the U.S., see here.

MOST OF THE MATERIAL on this site has its roots in anthroposophy. Some basic material by Rudolf Steiner and others on the nature of man and society can be found on another page on this site.

A NUMBER of other sites have put up links to this site, or special articles on this site. Those that I found at one time when I investigated the issue you can find here.

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